Why this? Why now? Why not?

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

As I gaze into the final, flickering embers of 2019 I am wont to reflect, not just on the last year, but the last decade, which has been one of tectonic transition for me.

In 2009 I moved from London to Singapore and, no less significantly, quit smoking.  In 2010 I started a creative agency and got married.  In 2015 I had my first kid.  In 2017 I sold the agency and moved house.  In 2018 I didn’t recognise myself or know what to do with my life.  In 2019 I turned 40, quit drinking, moved back to my old place and shed a third of my stuff. I decided to simplify and set myself up as a freelance content guy. I guess these are the things your thirties are meant for, but it’s exhausting and can't help but change a person.

What's changed for me is that my burning ambition has cooled. I've been a founder and a boss and it wasn't as much fun as you'd think. I used to want to change the world but that's as arrogant as it is unlikely. Now, as the Serenity Prayer goes, I wish only for acceptance of those things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

Also, I want to create more; not for clients, not for fame or even for money, but for the sheer balls-out fun of doing so. That's what Vintage Media is all about.

As I look about my little office I see a small collection of beloved items that remind me of great times (some from before I was even  born). In their originality, authenticity and, in some cases, obscurity they contain joy and, most importantly for me, stories. How they came to be, how I acquired them, what they say about the world in which they were created and the world in which they now find themselves. Vinyl records, tape cassettes, CDs, VHSs & DVDs, books, programmes, posters and tickets, all microcosms of an era. Some I'll keep and some I'll sell simply to justify the time spent on my folly.

I no longer wish to be defined solely by my job, but also my hobbies, community and relationships. If I were to pick one resolution, not just for 2020 but the whole of the 2020s it would be this; to live a more balanced life, between work and play, creating and consuming, moderation and indulgence, being together and spending time alone.

I wish you the same this year and every year. Thanks for coming, I hope you’ll stick around. Nx 

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